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Squiggle is a laundry brand created to bring families together. 

Parents spend so much time doing laundry, they miss out on time with their kids.

Squiggle makes laundry a fun activity for the whole family. A laundry folding board

creates an activity for kids to help out and subscription-based refill delivery minimizes

trips to the store and product waste.

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The fishbowl design is intentional and thoughtful, I didn't want to design a laundry brand for children with a talking fish on the front and then fill it with products that polluted the oceans and created problems for future generations. The glass form, chosen for its infinite recyclability, serves as a symbolic home for Squiggle and a physical home for the Squiggle Laundry Pods. The pods themselves are plant-based PVOH so they don't leave microplastics in the water.

Continuing with the brand's commitment to the younger generation I decided to add a reusable alternative to dryer sheets to the line. The dryer balls are made from wool, a natural biodegradable fiber, and packaged in post-consumer recyclable cardboard.


The "Flip & Fold" is a bamboo alternative to the more common plastic folding boards. It enables kids to help parents with folding, creating more family time during and after doing laundry. The Flip & Fold also teaches kids to care for their clothes and helps them stay organized.

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